Best Organic Coffee

Why Buy Organic Coffee On-Line? For The Best Coffee You'll Ever ...

To get the cleanest taste and the least negative effects from your coffee habit, consider trying organic coffee. Because coffee beans absorb the flavor of virtually everything, they are exposed to, those that are processed with chemicals tend to have a muted or distorted flavor. On the other hand, organic coffee beans offer a very clean and pure brew.

Store your beans and coffee grinds properly. Whole beans and ground beans both lose their flavor rather quickly. To prevent this, get them into a container that is airtight, and place the container in a dry and cool area. For extended storage, you could even freeze the beans for up to three months.

A great tip when brewing coffee is to always use the right water. You can’t just use any water when brewing coffee. If you’re using dirty tap water, you can probably expect an unpleasant tasting cup of coffee. Good water to use should have some minerals in it that will help to extract the best flavor.

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Questions and Answers

Organic coffee?

My nutritionist said that I should only use organic coffee? Anyone has any input about this?

Posted by smiles
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Organic coffee is produced according to certain production standards.
It is grown without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers, human waste, or sewage sludge, and is processed without ionizing radiation or food additives.
You can find it in a specialised shop of organic products, or in the supermarket they must have at least one organic coffee brand.
About the taste it is basically the same as non organic but it is expensive but it is supposed to be healthier and if your nutritionist said so.

The best Organic Coffee bean?

I buy coffee bean from starbucks which is not that great and not that bad. I have tried dunkin donuts and it was nasty..
Where can I get the best organic coffee beans? And from where?
Oh. How much is it if you know..

Posted by Sesame Pudding
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The best coffee is from local roasters. The big major chains are mass producing the coffee and it tends to be older than the small, local roasters. Most of those small roasters do some organic coffees.

Google for some coffee roasters in your area. You'd be surprised how many are scattered across the country. Experiment with different bean varieties, blends and types of roasts until you find one you like. Most roasters will have dozens to choose from.

Some Whole Foods stores roast their own coffee on the premises (not all of them do it). Some stores will do a great job and some will do a not-so-great job. Much of it is organic. The best coffee I ever bought was from a Whole Foods in Manhattan and the beans were still warm.

Where can I buy organic coffee in Bangalore?

Posted by Ajay
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Any organic foods market or coop will have organic coffee.

Natural Stone Gel firetable

Here's what the Philadelphia home brewing boom looks like – PW-Philadelphia Weekly

Here's what the Philadelphia home brewing boom looks likePW-Philadelphia WeeklyAnd then after you've gotten the orange coffee porters and the chicken stock blueberry ales out of your system, McMillan says, “that's when you refine your brewing.” He would know. … “That's one of the best parts about this,” he says. “You drink …and more »

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Ganoderma Coffee

ganoderma-coffee-usa-50-states ...

Is Your Yoga Earth-Friendly? (Daily Cup of Yoga)

In line with the principle of Ahimsa, which translates as “non-harming,” as yogis we’re continually looking for ways to live in a peaceful way on and off the mat. This includes seeking ways to minimize our impact on the environment. Living green and remaining in balance with nature is not just something to practice at […]

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Questions and Answers

Does Ganoderma mushroom help the immune system?I found a healthy coffee that contains Ganoderma murshroom Does anyone know of any research on this?

Posted by maestra
[display_name id=”1″]I take Ganoderma mushroom capsules daily and the reason was to help detoxify, it alkalines the body and you really can tell. At first i experienced detox symptoms so i believe they are very good.
They do support the immune system as well as protection from cancers.
I buy mine from DXN international they have a head office in the office tower in Church St. Paramatta.
They sell all the products there incl. Coffee (i drink the mocha) and they’ll give you all the info. You need.

Can i buy ganoderma coffee off line in a store?

Posted by
[display_name id=”1″]Any brand name coffee shop if they don’t have it in stock then they will order it for you and you can pick it up at the store!

I usually drink 2-3 cups of coffee each morning. Is this too much of ganoderma?

Posted by LS
[display_name id=”1″]Ganoderma?
If you are drinking coffee what does ganoderma have to do with anything?

If you are living alone, or are the only one in your family who drinks coffee, consider purchasing a single-serve coffee maker.

Just because you are drinking a dark roast coffee does not mean your coffee has more caffeine in it. This is just the way the beans were prepared, not how much caffeine is in them. If your coffee has the term Robusta on it’s packaging, it usually has twice the amount of caffeine as standard Arabica coffee.;

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Organo Gold

Organo Gold Team Training

Because there are tons of varieties of coffees and ways to drink them, it’s important to do your research on these things.

In order to increase the flavor of your coffee, buy a French press. French presses can squeeze oils from the beans right into your coffee cup. With regular coffee machines, those flavor-rich oils tend to get absorbed by the paper filters.

If you like to grind your own coffee, try adding a few nuts to the grinder along with the beans. Many people enjoy the interesting flavor nuts provide to a cup of coffee. Some great nuts to try include: almonds, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts. You can even experiment with nutty combinations!

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Questions and Answers

Does organo gold coffee work?Does the organo gold coffee help with losing weight? Has anyone tried it?

Posted by Nancy

[display_name id=”1″]All I know is that I have never heard of organo gold til now. When I googled it, I see so many articles saying it’s a scam. So tread carefully. Up to you.


Can you make money with organo gold?

Posted by virginia

[display_name id=”1″]I never heard of them, so that tends to make me wonder how???

Is organo gold coffee a scam or legit?People in my neighborhood are jumping on the bandwagon but I think it’s a scam. Does anyone have anything good to say about this company.

Posted by rdrfan03

[display_name id=”1″]I don’t think it is an outright scam. However, it is a multilevel marketing (MLM) scheme of a high priced product with unproven health claims and a limited product line. In my estimation 90% of all representatives will never make any money at all and will be left with unsold inventory. The web is loaded with testimonials of company representatives of questionable value. MLM is a tough business to make a living in, no matter how glowing the purported earnings claims are. Here is some more on this subject. The first article may have had some (paid???) positive input by a company representative.


PSD cites exemptions in records requests – The Coloradoan

PSD cites exemptions in records requestsThe ColoradoanOpen records requests concerning Organo Gold or DeWayne were largely fulfilled by the school district, as required by state law, but often with exemptions due to personnel records or attorney-client privilege, according to a review of PSD’s responses.

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Starbucks Organic Coffee

Cupping Starbucks Mexico Coffee and Organic Yirgacheffe at 15th ...

If you want fancy latte decorations without a fancy latte price, you can try making your own.

When brewing coffee that will end up iced, make it extra-strong. Use up to two tablespoons of ground coffee for every four ounces of water. This ensures that your coffee will not taste diluted or watered-down once you pour it over the ice. Never pour hot coffee into a cold glass, however; allow it to cool first.

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Questions and Answers

Starbucks Iced Coffee Question…?I know that Starbucks usually makes iced coffee using their Terraza blend, but is it possible to get iced coffee of a different blend, like the Organic Yukon blend? And how should you phrase that if you’re ordering it? Thank you!

Posted by Salliee
[display_name id=”1″]Starbucks and Starbucks owned facilities make their iced coffees in bulk and only with one blend at a time. I managed a Seattle’s Best cafe’ for 3 years, which is owned by Starbucks. The only way you will get it with the Organic Yukon is to walk in on a day that they are using that coffee as one of their “drip” choices, which won’t be every day. The brewing process is totally different as the iced coffee is actually a cold brewed concentrate, but that is a whole different discussion.

If you are in a starbucks when the Yukon Blend is a drip choice, you will have to buy a cup of your coffee, with a cup of ice on the side to pour into. You will need an ice refill immediately because their coffee is 200 degrees from drip if the machine is working properly, so your first cup of ice won’t last long at all.

Does Starbucks use Organic Shade Grown coffee?I’m doing a project in school that has to do with Starbucks coffee and how it’s resources impact the environment. Do they use shade grown or sun cultivated coffee beans? Thanks!

Posted by Hermione Granger
[display_name id=”1″]I doubt it. I would call a starbucks manager and ask them. I’ve seen organic shade grown coffee sold at whole foods, but i think starbucks caters to a more broad audience.

Starbucks???What does the
Vanilla Bean Frappuccino® Blended Crème
taste like
I’m a first time starbuckser and can’t decide between the:
Vanilla Bean Frappuccino® Blended Crème
Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino® Blended Crème
Tazo® Chai Frappuccino® Blended Crème
Don’t tell me what YOU get,



Posted by LiveLaughLove
[display_name id=”1″]As a former Starbucks barista, I can tell you the “proper” way (meaning the way baristas are trained to call out the drink orders) to order any drink at Starbucks is to pretty much follow the boxes on the cup from top to bottom.

1. First you announce if the drink is decaf, if it’s regular, you don’t say “regular.”

2. Then “iced” if the drink can be hot or iced, and you want it iced. If it can be either, and you say nothing, it will be made hot (unless the barista is smart enough to clarify with you first). If it can only be made one way, such as a frappuccino, you do not need to specify hot or iced. There is no box for this, as there are hot cups and cold cups.

3. Next is the number of espresso shots. Each size of each drink has its own unique recipe with the number of espresso shots to go into it: tall= 1 shot, grande = 2 shots, hot venti = 2 shots, iced venti = 3 shots. If you want more or less than the standard number of shots, you’d mention it here. For example, a grande latte comes with 2 shots normally, but you want 3 – you’d say “triple” to indicate that.

4. Next you say the size – tall =12 ounces, grande = 16 ounces, venti = 20 ounces hot and 24 ounces iced. This may come before or after announcing the number of shots, depending on the “flow” of the drink call. (See example #1…)

5. Next is added flavoring for standard-recipe drinks, such as the vanilla in a vanilla latte. Or say you wanted to add hazelnut to your mocha…

6. Next is the kind of milk: whole milk is the default, so if you say nothing, you’ll get whole milk. You can also say “Breve” which is half and half, “nonfat” “2%” and “soy.” Some locations also offer organic milk…

7. Next, is any kind of special extras or ommissions – the all-purpose box to capture your personal preferences that don’t fit neatly into any other category, like “no whipped cream,” or “extra whip cream” or even things like “no water” in hot chai teas, or even a temperature preference, like “145 degrees” instead of the standard milk steaming temp of 165-170 degrees. You can also say extra or no ice here.

8. Lastly is the drink name: latte, mocha, white mocha, caramel macchiato.

Not all customizing options are available on all drinks, just by way of their original recipes. For example, blended creme frappuccinos don’t have any coffee in them, so decaf or regular does not apply. They are also a pre-blended milk mixture, so you can’t specify whole, nonfat, or soy, either.

Just for fun, here are a couple drink “calls” and what you’ll end up getting:
1. “Decaf iced venti quad hazelnut soy latte” = a 24 ounce cold drink made with 4 decaf espresso shots (instead of the standard 3 shots in inced venti drinks), 6 pumps of hazelnut syrup (standard in iced venti drinks) and soy milk. For some reason, it just sounds better to say the “venti” before the “quad” to me, but technically, saying the quad first would be the Starbucks way.
2. “Grande soy with whip white mocha” = a 16 ounce hot drink made from 2 caffeinated espresso shots (standard for grande drinks), 4 pumps white mocha syrup, soy milk, and whipped cream – which is normally standard on drinks with dairy, but is automatically left off when somebody orders soy milk, unless they specifically request it.
3. “Half-caf triple tall vanilla breve latte” = a 12 ounce hot drink made from 3 half regular-half decaf espresso shots, half and half and 3 pumps vanilla syrup.

These are all drinks I have made for customers, by the way.

So I know this is WAAAY more information than the average consumer needs when they walk into a Starbucks, but it just goes to show you how many options you have in making your $5 signature drink a true expression of who you are. ;) And, all Starbucks employees should be willing to work with you however you state your drink preferences.

Happy sipping!

Loyola to feature first full-service university Starbucks in the city – Loyola University New Orleans

Loyola to feature first full-service university Starbucks in the cityLoyola University New OrleansThe arrival of Starbucks will be accompanied by a remodel of the Danna Student Center coffee lounge, including new flooring, new seating and the addition of a large community table in the lounge. This Starbucks replaces Community Coffee House.

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Organic Coffee at Walmart

Walmart Corporate - Wal-Mart Launches Exclusive Sam's Choice Line ...

Counting Sheep Coffee Lights Out! Single Cups Review (SingleServeCoffeecom)

When you think of coffee, you usually associate it with something that keeps you awake, right? What if we were to tell you that there’s coffee which can put you to sleep? Before you think we’ve finally gone off…

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Questions and Answers

Why do i suddenly feel nauseous when i drink coffee?

I'm 18 and i started drinking coffee when i was around 13. I've never drank that much, no more than 2 cups a day. Caffeine has never really had an effect on me. The past week however even if i drink just once cup I'll start to feel very nauseous and really jittery, why is this? I know i should just stop but it's confusing me because it's just recently happened. Thanks for any answers.

Posted by 1234
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You did not provide enough details.
So here my notes, some of which may help as tips:

(1) Which brand do you drink? Also, is it from Colombian Arabica beans? (I find Colombian Arabica superior, for example, Walmart's GreatValue.
(2) Is it light roasted? (that's more acidic, whereas darker roasted is less acidic)
(3) Even so, I find medium-blend is best for me (balance between dark & light).
….trivial note: According to Ayurveda, I'm what they call "vata-kapha"
(4) Do you add enough milk (lysine) to balance the Arginine and/or Acidity in coffee?
…trivial note: milk & eggs are both emulsifiers –and– act as buffers of irritants
(5) Conversely, you may be lactose or milk-fat intolerant?
(6) Do you add dietetic sweeteners? That may also factor in (they're very laxative.
(7) I myself prefer xylitol or turbinado or nevella or waxy-organic-honey as sweeteners
(8) Too –much– [of any] sweetener OR milk can act as laxative
(9) Too –little– of natural (non-dietetic) sweeteners OR milk irritates my esophagus

Also, just so you know: All 3 ingredients in coffee can be potential laxatives.

In other words, the coffee itself can be abrasive due to arginine and/or acid factors
…also dairy milk can act as laxative (even while it buffers esophagus as does eggs
…also any sweetener can act as laxative (though "sticky-caloric" ones can buffer too)

Most people are not used to common sense answers, since most doctors and/or nutritionists tend to avoid common sense talk.
The professional establishment prefers doling out mumbo jumbo [black & white] jargon
(versus shades of grey),
which awes people so much, that they don't even realize they're confused.

What is the cheapest online bulk food store?

Hi I am a college student looking to get good deals on online rice and organic foods. I think the best way is to order 3 months worth of food.
Thank you.

Posted by d
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There are many, online grocers that ships and delivers. Offers pretty good deals on household essentials, organic foods. Good for college students like yourself & those who perfers online shopping.. is an online grocery store delivering nationwide and to APO/FPO addresses. Complete your online grocery shopping online

Http:// Grocery offers all your favorite brands at great prices with free home delivery. Shop Grocery for cereal, snack foods, coffee and tea, …


Walmart Grocery


Meijer Grocery

Meijer is your one-stop for higher standards and lower prices on everything … is a great place to buy groceries online – we're your favorite online grocery store!



Schwan's is an online grocery store that offers food delivery to your home. Products range from ice cream and dessert to meats, dairy and recipes to match.

Will this business succeed?

Just read this and tell me what y'all think. :)
So there is a coffee company that makes 100% organic/herbal coffee. The main ingredient in this coffee is ganoderma (look it up for more info). Basically it is a mushroom from china that is extremely healthy. This coffee has a number of benefits, its healthy, antioxidants, helps loose weight, gives healthy energy without using all the caffeine, and it tastes great! The company that produces this coffee, sells it in boxes for $15 a piece. One box makes 30 cups of coffee, so it comes out to .50 cents a cup. I am to set up a stand in front of my local walmart and sell the coffee ($2 a cup) by myself just to get a feel for it. After a couple weeks of this, I plan on hiring 5-10 people and setting them up at local walmarts, home depot's, grocery stores, or any other place that brings in good business and doesnt charge. The way it will work is they will sell cups of coffee at these locations for $2 ($1.50 profit, since one cup costs .50 cents) a cup, and they will get .75 cents per cup they sell. So if they sell 100 cups of coffee in a shift, they will make $75 to walk home with. Well for every cup they sell I also get .75 cents…so if all 10 of my employees sell 100 cups in a day, I will make $750 dollars a day..eventually I would hire more people and start opening my own stores..while raising the price of coffee..and eventually turn the commission into set wages for my employees. How does this sound? Do you think I can do it. I am willing to work my ass off to make this happen.

Posted by Casey
[display_name id=”1″]

"I am to set up a stand in front of my local walmart"

Is Walmart okay with this idea? Walmart usually only allows local charities and non profit groups to sell on their lots with a few major venders tossed in. If Walmart is okay with it that's great. Every Walmart manager is different and some probably won't allow it.

You aren't figuring in loss. You aren't figuring in costs either. I'm guessing your 'coffee' has to be heated up? If that requires electricity I doubt your local Walmart is going to pay for it. You will also have to figure in employees that aren't exactly honest. Liability insurance is almost a must for something like this as well. Remember the lady that spilled coffee on herself at McDonalds and sued?

There are just too many things you are not factoring into this. Including taxes, business license, local sales tax, etc. Setting up a business like this seems simple. It isn't.

Best and Worst Buys at Trader Joe's – Kiplinger Personal Finance

Best and Worst Buys at Trader Joe'sKiplinger Personal FinanceWorst buys. Conventional fruits and vegetables. With the exception of bananas, Walmart beat Trader Joe's prices on a variety of non-organic fruits and vegetables including avocados, grapes and strawberries. … Organic French roast coffee. You can get …Whole Foods stock is rotting awaywtvr.comall 7 news articles »

Aroma, Aromatic, Beverage, Bio - Free image - 316400
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Where to Buy Organic Coffee

Why Organic - Why buy organic coffee?

Brewing Organic Coffee

To get the cleanest taste and the least negative effects from your coffee habit, consider trying organic coffee. Because coffee beans absorb the flavor of virtually everything, they are exposed to, those that are processed with chemicals tend to have a muted or distorted flavor. On the other hand, organic coffee beans offer a very clean and pure brew.

The price of ground coffee has increased considerably over the past year, and even if you grind it yourself, the coffee beans have also increased in price. Sometimes the less expensive coffee tastes just as good as the higher priced brands, but it may take some trial and error to find one you like.

When brewing coffee, use fresh, clean water. Since your coffee essentially consists of mostly water, the quality of the water you use will affect the quality of the coffee you drink. Avoid using a water-softening filter for the water you use in your coffee. Super soft water fails to properly extract the coffee oils.

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Questions and Answers

I m thinking of buying organic coffee but do not know which one to buy?!?

Posted by
[display_name id=”1″]

FAirtrade organic colombian coffee is lush. Most big supermakets stock it.

What is the difference between green organic coffee and organic coffe?

Posted by designgrowth
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Both "organic coffee" and "green organic coffee" are grown organically. The difference is in the fact that the "green organic coffee" hasn't been roasted. Most often, coffee beans are roasted prior to being sold (this gives the coffee beans their brown to black color, aroma and taste). Some people like to roast their own beans and will buy them in their green state (essentially, raw), so they may do so. And, in case this was part of the intent of the question, "organic" means that it is grown naturally, without aid of chemicals and pesticides, and the like.

Are black coffee and tea very bad for dieting?

Having a black coffee withotu sugar or black tea without sugar once aday?
How is it bad?
Is green tea any better?
And do you have to buy it without flavours?

Posted by Jane
[display_name id=”1″]

This is some info about coffee. Coffee is a high glycemic beverage and can trigger blood sugar levels to drop, causing a person to crave food. I am biased because I drink skinny coffee, and have had wonderful results. I have lost 10 pounds of pure fat, with a great burst of energy. I have copied info from my site into this answer, and enclosed a link. There is also a link to the glycemic research institute to look at the research. I hope this helps. Julie

But read on…
Coffee can be Fattening.
How can a zero-calorie beverage make you fat? It disrupts the glucose and insulin level in your body, setting the stage for your body to store fat. It’s a fact backed by 25 years of science. The American Diabetes Association agrees. What is the point of energizing your body if you're stimulating fat storage at the same time?

Boresha has the patented solution. BSkinny is the only product of its kind in the world. Our scientific team engineered a better way to produce coffee that does not cause a negative reaction in the body. On the contrary—BSkinny is healthy, organic and proven to burn fat. It tastes too good to be good for you—but it is. Give yourself a metabolic makeover with Boresha's BSkinny. Feel the energy. Burn the fat. See the results.

Balanced, sustained energy without the jitters*
Thermogenic fat-burning without exercise*
Buffered Caffeine*
Combats Stress-Related Eating*
Easy on your stomach*
Infrared roasted for smooth, bitter-free taste*
Boresha's BSkinny™ Thermogenic Fat-Burning Coffee combines the delicious, rich taste of Boresha's Certified 100% Organic Fair Trade AA Arabica Coffee with a proprietary fat-burning blend. Take the Ten Day Challenge for results you won’t be the only one to notice.

Here's what the Philadelphia home brewing boom looks like – PW-Philadelphia Weekly

Here's what the Philadelphia home brewing boom looks likePW-Philadelphia WeeklyAnd then after you've gotten the orange coffee porters and the chicken stock blueberry ales out of your system, McMillan says, “that's when you refine your brewing.” He would … “No, [the glass] didn't actually get in the pot,” he laughs. “We still …and more »

Coffee, Coffee Beans - Free image - 292241
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Organic Coffee Brands

Green Mountain Coffee Family of Brands Blog | Green Mountain Coffee

Just because you are drinking a dark roast coffee does not mean your coffee has more caffeine in it. This is just the way the beans were prepared, not how much caffeine is in them. If your coffee has the term Robusta on it’s packaging, it usually has twice the amount of caffeine as standard Arabica coffee.

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Questions and Answers

List of popular coffees?

Hi, what kind of coffee are there along with the recipes please.

Posted by J and B
[display_name id=”1″]

If you are asking about popular coffee brands:
According to a taste test done by Rachel Ray Magazine:
Best Classic coffee is Starbuck’s French Roast
Best Decaf is Dunkin’ Donuts Dunkin’ Decaf
Best Organic is Allegro Coffee Company’s Rwanda Karaba Whole Bean
Best Flavored is Community Coffee & Chicory’s New Orleans Blend
Best Instant is Maxwell House Instant Coffee
For more info, go to source #1.

If you are asking about popular types of coffee beans:
There are many types of coffee beans sold worldwide but only 25 are considered major types. From these major types there are three most commonly used by the consumer; they are: Kona, Robusta and Arabica.
For more info go to source #2.

If you are wanting popular coffee drink recipes here’s one that I love:

Almond Roca Mocha

1/2 oz thick Chocolate Syrup
1/2 oz Butterscotch Syrup
1/4 oz Almond Syrup
Espresso (your choice of number of shots)
Whipped Cream
Chocolate Sprinkles or grated dark or semi-sweet chocolate

Measure out 1/2 oz of thick Chocolate syrup, 1/2 oz Butterscotch syrup and 1/4 oz Almond syrup, and pour into your favorite mug. Add espresso – one to two shots, depending on your taste. Mix well. Fill the rest of the way with steamy, foamed milk. Top it all off with Whipped Cream and decorate with Chocolate sprinkles.
If you want more coffee recipes you can go to Know Your Beans. There are recipes for lattes, breves, mochas and other coffee drinks. I go there because there's over more than enough recipes to keep me trying new coffees every day. They even have a free Starbuck's downloadable e-book for more recipes. You may want to check it out.
Hope this helps!

Best coffee?

I can't seem to find a coffee in the store that I really like. Any suggestions on good brands or stores?

Posted by jfdsalkf
[display_name id=”1″]

The search for "great" coffee is just as enjoyable as the discovery.

And it's personal. Our tastebuds differ.

HOWEVER — we can agree that some brands ARE better than others. If you have a grinder, I recommend you buy the whole bean, rather than coffee (already) grind(ed). So, that's your first stop.

After that, I personally like organic coffee. It's healthier for you, and you begin to appreciate the taste (unless you're hooked in that chemical stuff).

Melitta, Starbucks and Seattle's Best all make organic coffee (whole beans) which you can find in a supermarket. Unfortunately, you generally can't find more than one choice. No problem — just experiment. Buy a package of each, and do a taste test. I know, it can get expensive, but it's still cheaper to brew at home, than go to a coffeehouse.

If you want more variety, then you'll have to go the non-organic route. Read the package and decide what kind of strength you want (i.e. Strong, mild, etc.) Again — make a mental note after tasting the coffee. If possible, buy the tiny packets that make about 3-4 cups. That way you can save money WHILE experimenting.

The other piece of homework is making a note of WHERE the coffee originated from (i.e. Columbia, Africa, Asia, etc.) In time, you will discover what kind of coffee you personally have an affection towards.

Remember — the discovery is just as adventurous as the chase.

MOD Pizza Announces First Franchise Partnerships – (press release) (press release)MOD Pizza Announces First Franchise (press release)The Svensons bring their experience from building two highly successful concepts – Seattle Coffee Company and Carluccio's. MOD's team of advisors and executives bring experience from iconic brands such as Starbucks, Apple, Panera, Disney, T-Mobile …and more »

Coffee, Beans, Cup, Beverages, Food - Free image - 66507
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Coffee Maker Types

Three Types of Coffee Makers for the Holidays: an Inspiration ...

Coffee Maker Suggestions

There are many health benefits that have been discovered from drinking coffee. Feel free to indulge in your morning cup without fear. You may want to switch to decaf if the caffeine in the coffee effects other medications you are taking. Reduce or eliminate creamer and sugar to maximize these benefits.
Did you know that drinking a cup of coffee will improve your exercise? Studies have shown that the caffeine in coffee will give you a great boost when consumed prior to your exercise routine. This little lift may be just what you need to get through your exercise and preform the way you want.

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Questions and Answers

Can I clean my coffee maker with any type of vinegar?

All I have is white balsamic vinegar. Do I have to use the distilled stuff?

Posted by pisceswoman87
[display_name id=”1″]

White distilled vinegar is the one to use to clean a coffee maker it will get rid of any minerals deposit make sure you run plain water after the vinegar one otherwise you'll end up with a funny tasting coffee the next morning.

Does Starbucks use special type coffee/espresso makers?

How are they different than good brand coffee makers from Williams and Sonoma for example?

Posted by epic_laydown
[display_name id=”1″]

There is nothing particularly special about the type or brand of espresso machines that Starbucks uses. I'm not certain of the brand that they use, but what I do know is that they use a commercial grade fully automatic machine.

A fully automatic machine takes care of grinding, dosing the proper amount of ground coffee beans into the portafilter, and pulling the shot until the proper amount of espresso is extracted.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the automatic machines. One is that it enables pretty much anybody, with little training, to make a decent espresso. A disadvantage with this type of machine is that on different days, a properly calibrated machine may not make the optimal espresso because of changes in humidity. An experienced barista will notice that shots are pulling differently because of humidity and can make fine adjustments. However, I'll take an espresso shot from a properly calibrated automatic machine made by an inexperienced barista any day over a shot from a manual machine by an inexperienced barista.

You can make an excellent espresso from a home machine. The biggest criteria for espresso machine is that it produces the proper amount of pressure. 9 bars of pressure is what you need for espresso. Most true espresso machines will do 12 bars.

You can't get the proper amount of pressure from a machine that doesn't use a pump. These steam powered machines are the types you'll see at Target and they usually cost less than $50. They're easy to identify because you have to pour water into the machine every time, then it heats up and builds pressure enough to make something resembling espresso, but really, its just strong coffee, sort of.

It's essential that you buy a pump driven machine. Williams Sonoma has this type of machine. They even sell fully automatic ones. Their prices aren't the best, but if money isn't a big issue, you can be just fine getting one of those. is a good place to go to check out reviews of certain machines.

If you're looking for a good home machine, a good brand to go with is one by Gaggia, in my opinion. The Gaggia Baby is an excellent machine, and can be purchased for around $350. If you're looking for a fully automatic machine, the price will be a little bit higher, however if making good espresso is something that you're interested in, I highly recommend going with something similar to the Gaggia Baby. It will take a little bit of trial and error in learning how to make a decent shot, but its a skill that's well worth it.

One important thing that people often overlook when delving into home espresso, or good coffee in general is a grinder. I'm not talking about the blade grinders that you can get for $10 either. That just won't work. Blade grinders won't make the consistency required for espresso.

A burr grinder is what is needed. They can be purchased for around $100 or so. I won't go into detail about how they work, but I will provide a link. Starbucks has a reasonably priced good grinder, called a the Barista and it goes for about $120.

Long story short, yes you can make espresso at home that is every bit as good as Starbucks, and in the long run, you can save lots of money doing it yourself at home!

Best practices for a siphon coffee maker?

I'm curious to see if anyone uses a siphon coffee maker, and what their favorite method to prepare coffee is using this method.

Posted by Cal Chapman
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A siphon coffee maker is also known as a vacuum coffee maker. Siphons are not my favorite way to make coffee because I like coffee a little "dirtier" – with more mouthfeel. But many people like the very pure brew they produce.

I've used a Northwest Yama Siphon brewer. I follow the basics of brewing described here:


I heat the water in the bottom vessel on my electric stovetop. I bring it to a boil, and then wait about 30 seconds. When the water is vacuumed up into the top chamber, I make sure to stir it around a little.

A big mistake that many people make when brewing coffee is not using the proper amount of coffee. The proper ratio of ground coffee to water is six ounces of water for every two tablespoons of coffee. Any less coffee and you will have a weak and unsatisfying brew that tastes more like water than coffee.

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Keurig Coffee Makers K Cups

Keurig B40 Gourmet Single-Cup Elite Coffee Maker Brewer - Walmart.

If you are living alone, or are the only one in your family who drinks coffee, consider purchasing a single-serve coffee maker. Companies such as Keurig have created coffee makers that use a coffee pod, a single serving of coffee grounds in a small container that fits inside the machine. This type of coffee maker is also useful if you like to drink a different flavor of coffee each day.

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Questions and Answers

Coffee Maker??

Im looking in buying a single cup coffee maker but not sure which one…any advice?

Posted by Way2goJ
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The main players in single cup coffee makers are Senseo, Keurig and Tassimo. Tassimo has very limited range of available coffees, so I would probably rule it out just on that basis.

Senseo is a relatively cheap option and users are generally happy with it. There is decent choice of coffees available and it makes pretty good coffee. You can read more about Senseo at Http://www.espresso-machines-and-coffee-…

I personally would recommend buying a Keurig coffee maker. It makes coffee using something called K-cup (a plastic cup with ground coffee in it). The coffee is sealed so it stays fresh (Senseo used coffee pods and they can go stale). Probably the best thing about Keurig coffee makers is that you have really lots of different coffee flavors available (there is about 200 varieties around). You also have the option to use your own coffee if you like.

Have a look at this page about various Keurig coffee makers: Http://www.espresso-machines-and-coffee-… It compares the main models: B40, B60 and B70 and you can then follow the links to read more about each one.

If you want a top-of-the-range machine then you can have a look at Breville ( – but that would set you back nearly $300 which is quite a lot for a coffee maker.

Whatever you decide, do have a look at some customer reviews before you buy.

Hope this helps.
Good luck with choosing the coffee maker.

Best K-Cups for the Keurig coffee maker?

I just purchased a new Keurig coffee maker. There are alot of different brands of K-Cups out there, can anyone reccomend some good ones? Thanks in advance!

Posted by Steph
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I've been using the French Roast from Diedrich and I love it!


Keurig coffee maker,problems with Gevalia K-Cups?

I have been using my Keurig coffee maker for 6-7 months now and love it! BUT, I purchased the Gevalia K-Cups and when it is half done, all of a sudden grounds from the K-cup start to pour into my cup! I noticed the K-Cup from Gevalia is shaped a bit different, thought that was why, but my sister has a Keurig and it does not happen to her. Any ideas?

Posted by kitty till to you
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It might just be a defect in the box that you bought. Inspect the cups for holes or deformities at the bottom or sides of it, and make sure your pieces are all fitted correctly into the machine. Also if you do it once and there are grounds you have to purge the machine a few times as grounds are very hard to detect and clean completely in the Keurig it may have just been that one cup but you won't know until you purge 3 or 4 large sized mugs of just water.

Is the Starbucks Verismo a Failure? – Motley Fool

Is the Starbucks Verismo a Failure?Motley FoolThree other Starbucks in my area have the machine in stock, but only a sliver of shelf space is being devoted to the home-brewing system, far less than what's dedicated to the company's Via instant coffee line and its offering of K-Cups for Keurig …

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Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker (SS-700) | Best Single Serve ...

There is a lot of different choices in coffee makers. Most people have the standard drip brew machine that makes about 12 cups at a time. Some of the latest models of coffee makers use individual pods, and make only one cup. These machines work very fast, and are great for people in a hurry.

The best coffee makers actually extract the essence of the bean. Drip coffee makers do not do this. Find an inexpensive French press and taste the difference. A French press will extract the oils from the bean and put them in your cup as opposed to a drip coffee maker which will leave them in the filter.

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Questions and Answers

Cuisinart single serve coffee maker?

Hot water flow has slowed down to trickle, what can be wrong?

Posted by Jim24
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Have you tried descaling? Basically it's cleaning out the machine using vinegar. Fill the reservoir with white vinegar and run the brew cycle till there is no more vinegar. Then run the machine with a used pod (also make sure to have a pod in the machine while you are running the vinegar through it) in it to fully flush it out.

I believe the Cuisinart machines also have a water filter? Have you replaced this?

What is the best coffee maker under $50?

I want a drip coffee maker that's fast and hot, at 160 degrees.
I want 12 cup drip coffee maker
The Bunn is too expensive.
Can you suggest a less expensive brand thats fast, and hot?

Posted by Tom B
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Cuisinart programmable thermal coffee maker (12 cup) is brushed steel and cost 100 bucks but its worth every penny. Coffee stays hot for 24 hrs!

Out with the old, in with the new – Post-Bulletin

When brewing coffee that will end up iced, make it extra-strong. Use up to two tablespoons of ground coffee for every four ounces of water. This ensures that your coffee will not taste diluted or watered-down once you pour it over the ice. Never pour hot coffee into a cold glass, however; allow it to cool first.

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